Fashion is a painting board, Sofyee Draws What Matters On It.

Sofyee, Create By Artist  twitter@CeNanGam ,  Aged 18, Totally a shy girl, Studied At A Japan High School.

"The Monday, Some kind of boring in school, so I decide to wear Hearty Lace Up to lighten up the night. I feel a little shy to wear this look, but full of fancy romantic in my deep heart, I decide to try. have it caught your eye ? "

Look At Sofyee's Tuesday Look,

"I wanna have some fun tonight, let's play like a milky cow. I can not live in a world that lacks of fun, So I plan to have fun tonight
 , would you like to join?"

Sofyee Feels some kind of boring in school, so she plan to play game.

"Wednesday is the game day, wanna join and have fun? Let's shooting on overwatch and have fun. I love D.VA so much. "

"There's moment i love to read about history, I love the retro style in the 90s, Today, I plan to be a retro girl "

Love My Japanese Retro Look?


"Join My Anime Micro Bikini Party , Join The Pool At The Tail Of Summer, Don't miss to join Before summer is over "

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