6 Body Shapes and the Best Lingerie to Wear

6 Body Shapes and the Best Lingerie to Wear

When you’re wearing lingerie, you want to look as completely sexy as possible. Whether you are wearing it for a lingerie party or spicing it up with your lover in the bedroom, lingerie makes a huge difference for yourself. Whatever your reason may be, you want to look gorgeous in your outfit of choice.

However, do you know which lingerie is best for your body shape? Or do you know exactly your body type? Believe it or not, not all lingerie styles are made the same. Certain styles will work better and show off your best features more than others, and that’s what we are going to break down for you today. Sofyee breaks down the body shapes and the best lingerie for each:


The vital statistics of 36-24-36 is an hourglass figure. In other words, your shoulders and hips are of the same size, with a slender waistline. So wear lingerie that adds oomph to your already hot figure. Anything really sits well with this body type and nothing can actually back-fire. However, the garter belt, teddy, and corset models will take it top-notch. You could also go with a high leg panty or a thong with a lace bra. We recommend our Eyelash All Over Lace Sexy See Through Sheer White Lingerie Set that will definitely look sexy on this body shape.


This means that you have a smaller upper body build. This does not mean that you necessarily are small busted; it just means that you have a smaller top that tapers out. The best lingerie for this body shape is baby dolls because they are tight at top and loosen out at the bottom. If you have small boobs, try wearing a baby doll that has padding or pushes up your breasts. Sofyee’s Nothing But Sexy Slip Dress is recommended.


This is the exact opposite of the pear-shaped body. This means you have a larger upper body build. Your shoulders are a bit broader, while your hips are smaller. Chemises work well for this body shape because they tighten in around the hips, showing off that smaller bottom. Also, teddies work well because they already create a v-shape that accentuates the natural one made by the body. We recommend Cozy Sleepshirt for this body shape.

Ittie Bittie Tittie

Members of this body shape don’t need a whole lot of support. You can play around with different styles, and have a wider variety to choose from. If you have small breasts you probably also have small or narrow shoulders, so your bra straps are constantly falling down. Racerback bralette are recommended. Also, colorful panties and skirts direct the eye to your lower half. Match any of these with a corset or bustier and you’ve got a very sexy look. For this body shape, we have this cute bralette set we call My Little Joy Strawberry Patched Cute Sweetie Baby Bralette Set.


Having a bigger bust doesn’t make it ‘easier’ to feel sexy in lingerie. Your top half may be ideal to fill out a cute bra, but if you have a smaller bottom or narrower hips it becomes a challenge to shop by set. In order to balance out your busty top but smaller bottom, try a panty with a thick waistband or high waist. Sofyee’s Lace Sheer Mesh 3/4 Cup Bra will be perfect for this body type.


The right lingerie for women with straight silhouette can play up your shape or amp things up in that department. A bustier or long-line bra paired with thong for a clever combination. A boyshort, bikini or brief with ruffles will also help to create the illusion of curves by adding volume around your hips and can be paired with a push-up bra to balance things out up top or a bralette to show off your shape. We have Darling Eyelash Lace Full Cup Long Line Bra for straight silhouette figure.
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