9 Breast Shapes and Recommended Lingerie

9 Breast Shapes and Recommended Lingerie

Buying bra and sweet lingerie set is not all about size. It turns out that women should know their breast shape in order to choose a bra style that will be the most flattering. The actual shape of your breasts can have a huge impact on how lingerie will fit and look on you.

Below are the nine unique breast shapes and Sofyee’s recommended bra styles:

East West

If you find your breasts point out away from your torso and there's a noticeable gap between the two, it is called East West. For women with this breast type, a push-up bra is recommended to help gather the breast tissue in the front of the body. T-shirt bra, strapless, and front-closure are also great. We recommend Front Closed Butterfly Lace X-Back Underwire Push Up Bra.


The other breast is larger compared to the other one and this type of breast is common. Sometimes, the difference is noticeable, and can even cause discomfort. The best bra style for those with asymmetric breasts is a Push-up, as it provides support and lift to equal out your breasts. T-shirt bra or perfect coverage are great choices.

Side set

To compare with East West, your breast naturally fall away from the centre of your torso but there is crucial difference; a fuller gap. A woman with this breast need little more dramatic than a t-shirt bra. She try a larger cup size than normal. T-shirt and push-up bra are recommended.


If your breasts sit on the smaller end of the scale and they are wider at the top than they are the bottom, then this is your breast type. For more clarification, you have thinner breasts and nipples that point downward. Give a plunge bra a go as this will lift and centre your breasts. Bras with front closures and wireless are great options.

Bell shape

If a woman finds her breasts narrower at the top than the bottom, and fuller at the bottom than they are at the top, then they have a bell shape boobs. Ladies with bell shapes need a fair amount of coverage and lift, as they tend to be more buxom. They should avoid wearing avoid balconette bras. T-shirt Bra is your best bet. The cups and wire support in a T-shirt Bra will help lift your breasts and allow them to sit in the cups where they belong.

Tear drop

These are considered the 'quintessential' type of breast. Typically, they are fuller at the bottom than at the top. If your breasts are round but slightly less full on top, then all bra styles work for you. Any cute bras will fit to this type of breast and we recommend our Silk Cute Wirefree Soft Cup Plunge Bra.


You have a round boobs when your breasts are as equally full on the top as they are on the bottom. Balconette Bras are a great option for women with round breasts. Other options are t-shirt and strapless bras.


Do you have wider, more muscular breasts with less tissue? Then your bra shape is athletic. A classic push up bra is the best choice of underwear to create the illusion of curves. Moreover, a wireless bra will provide comfort and one with a thick band is key to keep it in place and keep you supported. Our sexy Asian lingerie collection has Wirefree Soft Cup Sweet Heart Bra that is best for this breast shape. 


There are two signs that you have relaxed breasts. One, if your nipples that point downwards is one sign that you have relaxed breasts. Two is if the tissue in the breasts feels quite lax, this is another indicator. A push up bra will help to lift the breasts and give you some confidence-boosting shape. T-shirt Bra and racerback can also provide a bit of lift.
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