How To Pick A Right Bra For Your Breast

How To Pick A Right Bra For Your Breast

The breasts of women just like the birds in the forest, a variety of shapes. And how can we pick a right bra for our shapes? A report said,a amount of 80 percent women wear a uncomfortable bra that not suitable for their shape, for which add potential risk of bra diseases. A bra has no difference with daily look, but we miss a magic puzzle piece for a picking a right bra.

And now let's check our body to see which kind of bra shape we get, and how do we pick a right bra for our personalized shape.

1. Side set wide space between breast

For the “ Size Set” shape, the DEMI bra or Push Up bra fit you best, which bring the two breast more closer and look fuller on the top.

2. Teardrop/bell shape round by slightly less full at the top

The teardrop round shape bra looks full, so we don't need any padding and foam in the cup, just need a wire to put the bra a little bit upper. All bras with slightly support will meet your needs.

3. Athletic

with athletic bra, you may born with this, or maybe the bra defeated or hanging with the age or breast-feeding. No matter for any kind of reason, you really need the bra look full and uplift. A push up, demi or bacolnette bra with padding or foams will make you happy

4. Side set conical with nipple going downward

 Most of our bras can settle your problem. but the demi or balconette bra suit you better, which bring the two breasts more closer, and make the top fuller.


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