Some Types Of Thongs You Should Know

by Sofyee Angel

There are different types of thongs for each body type. Thongs are not only comfortable but also sexy.


There are so many styles available in thongs today that you can make your own thong collection. Thongs can also be chosen according to your body type.

Lace thongs look great if you have an athletic body shape.

Low rider thongs complement average body type.

Choose a simple thong style if you are on a healthy side. With so many styles and awesome designs, it is difficult to choose.

Here are some best thong styles just for you.

  1. Dolce ThongTypes Of Thongs: -

If you want to look sexy, then choose Dolce thong.

It features a lace trim design with cotton fabric.

Dolce Thong has semi-sheer lace detail with a comfortable waistband.

It complements every body type. It's available in many different colors and a single size.

Dolce Thong also has a cotton-lined gusset with minimal rear coverage.


  1. Low-Rise Thong Types Of Thongs: -

This cotton low-rise thong is perfect for your casual lingerie collection.

It features cotton line gusset with no rear coverage. It's comfortable and it fits perfectly to any body shape.

It also features a unique lace trim design. It is available in three colors and two different sizes.

  1. Star ThongTypes Of Thongs: -

If you are looking for a different style in a thong, then star thong is an ideal choice for you.

It features allover lace motif star pattern.

Star Thong also has a cotton-lined gusset with great coverage.

This panty style is amazing as it features a unique design. It's available in many different colors and a single size.

Do add this one to your collection of thongs.

  1. Lace Thong– Types Of Thongs: -

Lace thongs not only complement a great body but, it also adds up to your style.

It features wide stretch lace band with amazing seamless crotch panel. Its ultra-soft fabric provides great comfort and fit.

Lace Thong also features a super stretch low-rise design with cotton lined gusset.

This perfect thong also features pretty floral pattern. It is available in many different colors and a single size.

  1. Printed Thong – Types Of Thongs: -

Printed thongs not only look different but also pretty. Printed thongs complement your body in a perfect way.

It features cotton-lined gusset with the overall print design.

The one size fit style is perfect for your thong collection.

It is available in different print designs, so you can take your pick. It's available in a single size.

  1. Geo ThongTypes Of Thongs: -

This thong features geometric motif design that makes it look sexy.

It has cotton-lined gusset with super elastic fabric.

This style lays flat on the body and that is perfect for your body fit and comfort.

Do add this sexy thong to your lingerie collection. It is available in a single color and a single size.

  1. Low Rider ThongTypes Of Thongs: -

Low rider thong has a vintage feel to it.

It features lace trim design with micro modal fabric.

It's amazingly soft and that's perfect for your comfort. It features elastic and lace band.

With seamless style, this one complements every sexy body shape.

It is available in a single color and a single size.

Pick a sexy thong according to your body shape and look fabulous.


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