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Japonais Sexy Anime Girl Uniforme-Chat Fille

Japonais Sexy Anime Girl Uniforme-Chat Fille

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Le costume à trois points pour fille en peluche à dossier ouvert Kawaii est inspiré de la culture cosplay anime sexy, très kawaii sexy, le style girly, montre l'anime spécial sexy dans notre monde réel. Mignon comme vous êtes, Kawaii comme vous êtes. Vous serez fou si vous aimez la lingerie érotique Anime , les sous-vêtements Kawaii Sexy perspective , les sous-vêtements japonais, la lingerie Cosplay.
Le paquet contient : 1 body, 1 accessoire pour cheveux, 1 tour de jambe.


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Informations sur la taille XS
NOUS XS (cm) XS (pouces)
XS 0 2 0 2
Bousiller 83 85 32,7 33,5
Taille 61 64 24.0 25.2
Hanche 87 90 34.3 35.4
Cuisse 50 52 19.7 20,5

Informations sur la taille S
NOUS S (cm) S (pouce)
S 4 6 4 6
Bousiller 88 90 34,6 35.4
Taille 66 69 26,0 27.2
Hanche 93 95 36,6 37,4
Cuisse 54 56 21.3


Informations sur la taille M
NOUS M (cm) M (pouce)
M 8 dix 8 dix
Bousiller 93 95 36,6 37,4
Taille 71 74 28,0 29.1
Hanche 98 100 38,6 39.4
Cuisse 58 60 22,8 23.6

Informations sur la taille L
NOUS L (cm) L (pouce)
L 12 14 12 14
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Customer Reviews

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Bemused Lover
plush cat girl .. more like nappy sewer rat

I meant to contact customer service on this, but simply have been too busy, so I appreciate the email reminder with this feedback request!

This item was a complete disappointment.

The bust area literally had some sort of wire poking out of one of the sides which made it look like a mutant rat-mother nipple. The "plush" material itself was flattened and looked shabby. There was a tail included, and it was missing "hair" at different points of the tail, as if this rat had seen one too-many street fights. It was an unmitigated disaster.

Since this was a "couple's gift" it was actually pretty embarrassing when she tried it on.

In the seller's defense, most of the other items on the order were a great success.

Hi, dear
When you are not busy, please contact us for this, we still hope that we can solve your problem and make you feel satisfied.

Thanks for your time.