How to Join Our Fashion Blogger Recruit Program

  • Our requirements

    --You need to have a blog with over 500 followers

    --At least one of your active social account (Youtube, instagram, tumblr, lookbook, pinterest, polyvore etc) has more than 1000 followers

    -- Highly recognitions with Sofyee brand

    • Free Gift 

      You can pick whatever you like in our website with restricted amount of 20$-200$ (the price is negotiable between us)

      We’ll kindly ask you to take a review with picture wearing our clothes in the 7 days after receiving our clothes. The review should be contain the links with tracking code to referrer to Sofyee website.

      We may need you recommend our product in your social accounts.

      We may need you Show Sofyee Promotion content on your blog


      We may use your photos or reviews on our website or share them to our social network account. If you do not agree, please inform us in advance.

      You may need to pay for the shipping fee.

      If you have interest in us, please feel free to contact us at


      If you are a wholesale customer, please feel free to contact us, we can give you a more competitive price.