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Virgin Killer Sweater

Lace Flower Sweetie Kawaii Candy Color Panty

They sent me wrong style

They sent me two of the wrong items in my order. Instead of this, a blue bra with white flowers was delivered instead

soooo cute

i love this set so much! it is VERY tiny on me and i am a size small in US sizes. the panty just barely fits but it works.

Japanese Anime Bunny Girl
Lukas Oppenauer

Japanese Anime Bunny Girl

Not bas

Good material, fit is ok price is right

Twintails Transparent School Girl Uniform

It took it's time

It took a while for the product to arrive but I am glad it did when it did, i have my roses with delivery but I like the outcome, it is what I ordered and I have no complains, also this is not my first purchase and perhaps it won't be the last either, probably will see myself buying from the store sometime soon for I found a few things I like.

Anime School Swimsuit
Jonathan Cooper
I still have not given it

I await time for me to be able to hand it to my babe.

Sorry but I haven’t given it to my wife yet

I am due to see her in the Philippines as soon as we are allowed to fly again


Wigs and costumes are high quality and I look forward to receiving it EVERY month!!

Pastel Pink Ruffle Lace Girly Dot Flower Sweetie Heart Bra Set

Love Sailor Bow Choker School Girl Lingerie Set

It was pretty good! Shipping sucks tho

Same as title. Pretty good, but the shipping is a nightmare

plush cat girl .. more like nappy sewer rat

I meant to contact customer service on this, but simply have been too busy, so I appreciate the email reminder with this feedback request!

This item was a complete disappointment.

The bust area literally had some sort of wire poking out of one of the sides which made it look like a mutant rat-mother nipple. The "plush" material itself was flattened and looked shabby. There was a tail included, and it was missing "hair" at different points of the tail, as if this rat had seen one too-many street fights. It was an unmitigated disaster.

Since this was a "couple's gift" it was actually pretty embarrassing when she tried it on.

In the seller's defense, most of the other items on the order were a great success.

Hi, dear
When you are not busy, please contact us for this, we still hope that we can solve your problem and make you feel satisfied.

Thanks for your time.

Loved it!

Fit well. Looked great.

Perfect product

It's really comfy and nice! I love it.

Amazing socks!

Although I got these socks late, it was entirely worth the wait. They are fluffier and softer than I ever expected, and they go right past the knee for me (i am 5' 3") <3

Erotic Girl Bride
dana scully

Was soft and comfortable. Ran a tad bit large though but still fit pretty good.

Looks good

Wife looks hot in it

Super cute and sexy

Material is nice and soft on the body, when you look at what its actually made out if its not the best but, it is made in china and you get what you paid for comes with the headband, the body suit and a little more cute accessories! Shipping took about a month but it was from China so :)


great delivery however the product looks very different

Great product

Love your product


Just as pictured, we are very satisfied!