Join Sofyee's Artist Plan - $200 Giftcard Rewarded


If You love Sofyee,  paste, anime, or japanese culture, please feel free to join us.

How To Join?

  • Step 1 -Create Your Drawing Or Any Kind Of Form Of Artworks That Related To Pastel, Anime, Kawaii

  • Step 2- Send Your Artworks To Us:

  • Step 3- Once we use your design, we will reward U with $200 Gift Card On Our Site 

Phonecase:  Artwork X Sofyee 

Sofyee Can Make Your Design Can Be Touched, Can Be Weared.

It will have higher probability to be used if your design including "SOFYEE"

Anime : Artword X Sofyee

Sofyee is about pastel pink, Check our exclusive designs. Details, we combines all details related to pastel things, like rains, pearls, Sofyee is good at pink right colors .

Hoodies : Artwork X Sofyee

Interested In Us? Feel free send your design to!