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#1 Section - Kawaii Girl

AThe typical color of the Harajuku Area in Japan, with small French florals, Oh, That's the girly romance. And then a small grid with a sense of retro style, to set off a girlish Girl..

AThis is a very sweet Kawaii Outfit. The anime girl's design adds a lot of playfulness, and the pleated skirt is also full of girlishness.


AModel Picture: 800 PX *800PX

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Cool Girl

Cool Aesthetic Girl On The Way

Sky blue, Color Of A Sunny Sky. Sofyee has always been looking for aesthetics from art & nature, we always pick designs that can resonate, Wear to show who you are, to show what you love. We used typical angel prints from the Renaissance for the top, and we used the trousers Splicing blue color blocks, not only aesthetic, but not lacking in design, it can show your personality.

Dance On Your Way

Pink, no girl can reject pink. The inspiration for this set of matching comes from KPOP, sexy dancing, cheerful and passionate melody, yes, girls who like pink and a little cool will like this set

The Pastel Cami + Color Block Pants

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Insipred By Art & Nature

Strawberries, Heart Dots,  Are You Gonna Love It?

Basic Knit 

We All Love Sky Blue 

ABasic blue outfit is always indispensable in the wardrobe. Lantern sleeves with blue jeans are both feminine and elegant.

AModel Picture: 800 PX *800PX

APrepare a few solid-color sweaters to deal with the cold in winter, beautiful Morandi candy color, anytime, casual, full of femininity

AModel Picture: 800 PX *800PX

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ACandy color, small floral, knitted wool coat, very convenient to match, a must-have for autumn and winter, co-produced by a brand with more than 10 years of knitting experience, absolutely value for money

AModel Picture: 800 PX *800PX

Mori Kawaii Look

The Pleated School Girl Skirt Matched The Bunny Kawaii Hoodie to compete your full look. Hello, My Sweet Girl.

Image Size: 150 PX

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