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Never comprise on the design. Sofyee has cooperated 50+ Designs to make our panty always fresh, full of art aesthetics. The underwear is our best friend, we would love to make it to be emotional related, and blending with art & designs.

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- Sofyee Cooperated 50+ Artist

- Fresh Design Every Day

- Never Comprise On Designs

“Flowering On You”

The Artist always get inspiration from the nature, close to nature, that's what we need. Wearing it , just like the breezing wind flies over your nose. Just Feel Relaxed.

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- Cooperated With 50+ Fabric Brands

- The Fabric Is Our Priority

- Soft Feeling To The Tender Part

In June, Sofyee has cooperated 50+ Fabric  brands to give you full experience of all kinds of different high end fabrics, 

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- Alway Stays Young In Mind

- Inspired By Kawaii Culture

- Blending With Art & Culture

Keep Girly Mind, Stay Young At The Mind, No matter in whatever age we are at. Ignore the age, Just Enjoy.

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Why Choose Sofyee

Wo love design, You Will Always Get Fresh Designs

Sofyee has cooperated 100+ artists got inspired by the nature or the art, We love bring new things to the design to the panty. We NEVER comprise on the designs. Let Sofyee Surprise You With New Emotional Designs.

Never Stays The Same, Keep On Improving 

We always try to use different designs  to fit different occasions. Variable shape of panties, G STRING, T Strings, Boy Knickers, Bikinis, Cheekies, No matter what kind of styles you love, we have it all.

Natural Soft Materials 

We love natural materials, like silk & cotton, the nature landscape always relaxed us. The organic natural material is also good our health too, the most gender part of our body love natural materials.

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About Sofyee

Sofyee brings the creative artists and the most experience fabric manufacture together, to make impossible possible, we give you a variety choices to ensure your fresh experience. Sofyee focus on every details to improve the efficiency to keep us competitive and serve our customer well.

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