Collection: Lolita Dress

Lolita Fashion Got inspired by japanese lolita culture.

Loli is an abbreviation of Lolita (also known as Lolita. Japanese: Lolita, English: Lolita). Lolita" refers to the novel "Lolita", refers to the heroine Lolita in the novel. With the passage of time, the term has slowly evolved into a cultural loli culture in Japan, and the term loli has also begun to be used to describe cute or petite girls.

The term lolita wind is a type of subculture that extends from the unique loli culture in Japan. The full name is lolita style, or lolita fashion. The etymology comes from the Japanese katakana ロリータ・ファッション (Lolita Fashion) , Refers to a fashion with a loli style suitable for cute or petite girls. This style of dress combining "Goth and Lolita" was inspired by the Victorian girls' clothing and the fine clothing of the Rococo period, as well as the influence of Western Gothic and Punk subculture.

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